National Waste Data Framework mandatory reporting requirements on the way.

Weightrax customers subject to new mandatory National Waste Data Framework reporting requirements expected to be released in 2023 can be confident that their Weightrax software will be updated accordingly to enable them to easily collate the correct waste data information and produce accurate, compliant reports.

The National Waste Data Framework, produced by WasteMINZ, has been in place since 2015. Initially a voluntary framework, it sets out guidelines for Territorial Authorities on how to collect and report waste data. Standard reporting indicators were added in 2018.

WasteMINZ and the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) are currently updating the Framework to include new mandatory waste data requirements, in line with recent regulations introduced by MfE, or coming in under the Waste Minimisation Act. The Framework will include new Protocols for reporting of mandatory data to ensure all parties have practical guidance on reporting standardised, good-quality data; and new Standard Reporting Indicators (methods for calculating measures that may be used as performance standards) that align with Government-mandated performance standards.

Feedback gathered from a comprehensive consultation process in 2022 is presently under review and will be incorporated into the final Protocols and Standard Reporting indicators as appropriate. An Insights report will outline how the Framework will be implemented, managed and monitored, and how the Framework will be developed and evolved in the future (for example, to incorporate reporting of diverted waste materials, and making the data accessible to a wider range of stakeholders). Once finalised, it is expected the updated Framework will be released and implemented nationally during 2023.

The mandatory waste data reporting requirements in the updated National Waste Data Framework will apply to:

  1. Territorial Authorities/Councils, which will be required to report on performance measures; and
  2. Disposal facility operators (including Class 2-4 landfills, cleanfills, industrial monofills operated by waste management companies, and transfer stations), which will be required to report on tonnage and activity source.

“This means that all of these entities need to have access to a reliable and accurate solution to collect and report on waste data,” says Gary Brown, General Manager New Zealand, Atrax Group.

“Right now, customers using our Weightrax software can easily collate information and produce accurate reports based on current reporting requirements. Once the new requirements are released, we will update the Weightrax software based on the outcomes and recommendations. The updates will then be rolled out to customer sites. So Weightrax customers can rest assured their reporting will continue to be accurate and comply with the new requirements.

“Our message to organisations that may be struggling to collect waste data and report on it – either because their current reporting solution is not up to the task, or because they don’t yet have a suitable reporting solution – is to get in touch for a demonstration of our Weightrax software. We can show you exactly how the reporting capabilities make it easy to collect, collate and present meaningful, accurate waste data that will be useful both at an organisational level to track waste collection and increase productivity, and also at a national level in terms of informing the dialogue around how to track and report on waste issues and develop and prioritise solutions to help drive New Zealand towards a truly circular economy.

“Equally, those in need of weighbridges can talk to us – Weightrax designs, installs and supports high-quality, end-to-end weighbridge solutions that are reliable and cost effective,” Brown says.

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