Weightrax offers Automatic Number Plate Recognition for both manned and unmanned weighbridge operations, saving time and improving accuracy.

Atrax ANPR Camera Render Composite 1200x400

For manned weighbridges Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) makes the operator’s life easier by freeing up time for other tasks. Operators no longer have to key in number plates manually, saving time and removing the potential for human error.

  • Faster truck turnaround
  • Less work for drivers
  • Automated, no human error.

For unmanned weighbridges ANPR allows automatic operation. Trucks are automatically captured – the driver is either not required to take any action, or at the most will confirm the pre-entered details.

Drivers love this automation as it means less work for them plus faster truck turnaround.

ANPR technology can also be used for traffic way finding. Add directions to the correct load out pile for each vehicle number plate. Directions are triggered according to which product is ordered. This saves labour on site – directing trucks becomes unnecessary.

ANPR is easy to fit to any site running Weightrax software. All that is needed is a Weightrax ANPR camera, fitted in just a few hours by one of our on-site technicians.

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