Some suppliers are selling Weighbridge parts that are locked up with a password or similar method so no one else can service the equipment, or easily interface with it. This adds an unnecessary layer of cost by causing interface problems and forcing businesses to use expensive service suppliers.

Weightrax is seeing foreign companies recommending their own brands of weighbridge equipment – digital weight indicators and load cells especially – that do not interface easily with other equipment, says Weightrax CEO Kevin Maurice.

“Other companies cannot service or calibrate the scales, so it forces the equipment owner to only deal with this supplier,” he says.

“They are held to ransom, it is not open equipment. Recently we have come across this and the equipment owner has hated it. It has turned them against the company they bought the equipment from and they have dumped the product and bought replacement ‘open’ equipment from us. Equipment that anyone can service and does not have a lock on it by Atrax. We work on keeping the client by offering great and competent service and satisfying the customer’s needs. Not because they have no choice at all.”

All equipment supplied by Weightrax and Atrax is ‘open’ equipment that interfaces easily and can be serviced by anyone.

With Weightrax nothing is left to chance